C Ratings

The C1 and C2 is a Pony Club member learning to become an active horseman , to care independently for pony and tack and to understand the reasons for what he or she is doing. The C1 and C2 show development towards a secure, independent seat and increasing control and confidence in all phases of riding.

General Guidelines for the C Ratings

  1. C ratings can be very long and stressful. Remember to take good care of yourself by remembering to eat and drink and maintain a sense of humor! Depending upon the number of candidates, C ratings can sometimes take most of the day. Go over the test sheet many times before the rating to cover all details.
  2. The C ratings are formal ratings. Candidates must wear Pony Club Formal or Informal Attire. Pleases review and know ALL aspects of these different attires described in the D Manual. Candidates may bring club polo shirts to change into after their formal inspection for the jumping part of the rating.
  3. Your horse must be extremely clean without stains or any trace of dirt and well groomed. Feet must be picked out and should be polished. Shoeing must be up to date. Horses should be presented at their very best. Your formal inspection is your first and most important presentation to the rater. Make it a good one.
  4. Make sure your tack is really clean and all the stitching is intact. This means you should take everything apart, clean it, and polish all metal. Have a higher level rated member look over your tack before the rating to make sure that it meets standard.
  5. Come to Waredaca at least 30-45 minutes before the start of the rating to give yourself enough time to set up and do any last minute grooming. Check to see if you need water buckets, hay net and hay for your horse. Don't forget snacks and water for yourself!
  6. Each member taking a rating should have one parent present during the entire rating. Parents can help setting up jumps and support the ratings coordinator as needed.
  7. You will be billed for your rating expenses. Checks made out to Waredaca.
  8. The Record Book becomes more important in the C Ratings. Have a higher rated member review your Record Book to make sure it containes all the required information. One way to double check yourself is to review Record Book under Forms on the USPC website http://www.ponyclub.org/?page=NoticeForms. Pretend that you are handing your horse over to someone else to care for. Is all the needed information there? Can you explain everything that is in your record book? Read the standard and make sure that you have met the time requirement on record keeping.
  9. Stable wraps and shipping bandages are important components of the C ratings. Proper application takes months of practice. Apply these bandages often and have them checked by instructors or higher level pony club members. You can practice by coming to a mounted meeting with a bandage in place for evaluation.
  10. You will need to participate in club activities and begin doing tack inspections to take a C rating.

Additional considerations before taking a C2 rating

  1. Longeing is part of the C2 rating. Longeing is not easy and it takes a lot of practice. Before taking your C2 rating, make sure that you attend a longeing clinic being offered by either the club or the Maryland Region months before your rating. You may also want to schedule a private lesson with one of our instructors to practice longeing "the Pony Club Way" before a rating. There are two good references available in our library and through the USPC Bookstore - USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training and a new DVD - USPC Standard : USPC Guide to Longeing.
  2. At the C2 level, you will need to have a letter from Gretchen, the CA, stating that you have been teaching the Ds. Make sure that you request this at least two weeks before the rating.
  3. Give yourself enough time to write a conditioning program for your horse and your discipline of choice. Understand the reasons behind the conditioning program and how you monitor your horse's vital signs to make sure you are on track.