First of all, I need to send out a huge CONGRATS to all of our tetrathlon rally participants (Delaney, Paige, Julia, Cole, Addison, Audrey, Lindsay and Annabel). It was our first time ever sending members to this rally and the kids put in a lot of extra practices both at Waredaca and at home to get ready for the rally.

I'd also like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the parents who helped get the kids ready, especially Marty who was our shooting coach, Jessica J who coached the swimming and running phases and Amy who jumped in last minute to help with trailering.
Below are the results from the rally
10 & Under Girls
Paige - 6th overall, tied for first in riding, 1st in swim
Addison - 16th overall, good showing in all phases
8 & Under Boys
Cole - 4th overall, 1st in swim, tied for 1st in running, 3rd in shooting
Pre-Novice Girls
Delaney - 1st overall, tied for 1st in riding, 1st in swim, 3rd in run, 1st in shooting
Julia - 2nd overall, tied for 1st in riding, 2nd in swim, tied for 1st in run, 5th in shooting
Annabel - 3rd overall, tied for first in riding, 3rd in swim, 4th in run, 2nd in shooting
Lindsay - 5th overall, tied for 2nd in riding, 3rd in shooting
Audrey - 7th overall, tied for 2nd in riding, 6th in swim, tied for 1st in run

What is a Tetrathlon Rally

The Tetrathlon Rally (or "Tet" Rally) is very unique in that riding is actually only one part of the two-day rally. The Tet Rally includes riding, shooting, running and swimming. Typically, Day 1 is for riding and swimming with shooting and running on Day 2. All levels of members are invited to participate with ribbons being awarded for each phase and overall based on level and age groups. Members compete as individuals though a horse management score is given to the whole group.

The riding phase is a show jump course that is poles on the ground for the lowest level and larger jumps for the upper levels. All fences are in an outdoor grass ring. The qualifying levels include a "slip rail" and "gate" that horses and riders must navigate during the course. Horses may be used more up to three times so riders often share horses.

Swimming is done at a nearby pool with distances based on age groups.

Running distances are also based on age groups.

Shooting is with an air pistol at a shooting range set up at the rally location. There are different stances based on the member's age. Shooting practices are held at Waredaca and are MANDATORY for all members wishing to participate in this rally.

In 2014, Waredaca PC sent its first set of members to this rider and did very well! All members came home with ribbons, and our Junior Girls swept the medals! For more details, see "2014 Tet Rally Results."