National Capital Equitation League (NCEL)

DSC 0080Waredaca is pleased to offer a competitive experience for intermediate riders in the National Capital Equitation League (NCEL). The purpose of the league is to promote and foster team spirit while developing individual riders'skills.

Each junior rider competes in a flat class and two over fences classes similar to the intercollegiate league thereby preparing them for competition at the college level. Riders compete in round robin series of events at different area barns throughout Maryland and Virginia. At each show the competitors draw their horses provided by the hosting barn. They are then given a two-minute warm up prior to being judged. It's a true test of the rider's abilities to get on an unfamiliar horse and compete either on the flat or over a course of fences. The rider's accumulate points for themselves as individuals as well as points for their team. At the end of the season there is a league wide grand finale horse show with each team bringing their best mounts.

DSC 0067The coach for our team is Celeste McGee, who is also the President of NCEL. Our riders consist of Sydney Anchor, Sarah Gitterman, Brittany Homick, Emily MacMillan, Lainey Reed, Victoria Sheil, Anna Shelokova, Sophia Shroeder, and Rachel Terry. The majority of our riders have been together as a team for many years and are very proud to be representing Team Waredaca! Look for additional pictures and news about their show season on the new bulletin board outside the observation room.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the team, please call the office at 301-570-4191 and ask for Celeste. Limited spots are available for next year.



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People are Talking...

Over the years we have come to share so much more than simply the common bond of competing. Though we may ride, and even ski, together, we are so much more than just a riding team; we have become a family. We have had some major changes this year, but we have proved that it is not the home that makes the family but the family that makes the home. Our new home, Waredaca, has been wonderful and we even managed to pick up a few new teammates along the way. There are so many people who have made this family possible. Thank you to the Waredaca staff and our parents, we appreciate everything you have done to make this a successful season. We thank our amazing coach, Celeste, for the guidance she has given and the work she has done to keep us together and competing with NCEL. As we graduate it's up to the rest of the team to continue to strive towards excellence. We are confident you can do so and look forward to seeing you progress as riders and hearing about all your future successes. All of love and support-- Sydney Anchor and Victoria Sheil