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 HI Everyone,

Here are FINAL TIMES for everyone to review.  

Several notes...

MAPs available via MYCOURSEWALK.COM  Waredaca June Starter

Due to the number of entries, some of the divisions were combined;  Dressage Only and Combined Tests will each be scored as a single division.

Please read carefully first:


Please.... read carefully the following notes to better prepare you for the upcoming SUNDAY competition.   


Saturday PARKING for the XC and Jumping Course Walks will be in our CORNER FIELD--LOOK FOR SIGNS off of Damascus Road.  The courses will be open from 2 PM to dark please.  Maps (only) available —these will be located at the start box picnic table.  The XC Start Box is located in our Lake field; go past the Indoor and look for signs directing you to XC Start.  This is NOT the path that the horses will take on Sunday; there will be signs directing them thru our fields, off the roads.

  IF YOU FEEL YOUR TIMES ARE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER OR YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS, PLEASE  email asap so we can find a workable schedule for you but please contact me NOW rather than the morning of the event.  Everyone should have approx 20 minutes between the scheduled jumping and xc start times.



Show Office open and packets available Sunday at 7:00 AM.  

Don't forget that the compressed event schedule allows for relaxed 'proper' dress, if you so choose. XC attire permitted and encouraged when close times between phases are scheduled.

Weekend show office phone number 301 570 2150.

Please TAB HERE for additional notes of interest. The Jumping phase COURSE WALK schedule is POSTED.  THIS TIMETABLE IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR PLANNING. 

XC maps available via  2017 Waredaca JUNE Starter as of Friday morning 


  • Parking Lot Gates OPEN at 6:45 Sunday morning
  • Dressage warm up on grass; performance arenas all weather footing  Please note that there is approximately a ten minute walk from central competition area to XC start and warm up, following the SIGNS thru the fields that leads past the xc start.  FOR YOUR SAFETY, avoid the paved road and stay on the grass path.
  • The time table is correct; Elementary goes at the end of the day.
  • Notes about the classes:  all of the divisions are confirmed based on what you entered; the event is run under the USEF rules regarding eliminations…ONLY technical eliminations will be allowed consideration for continuing onto the next phase, with the permission of the TD-Pat Mansfield
  • REMEMBER that any fall related to a jump in both the jumping and cross country phases is an elimination—you must leave the course at a walk.
  • Weekend show office phone number 301 570 2150

  Jumping phase:  

  • All riders have a published show jump time.  
  • On Saturday, the course will be set for the Training level but the track is BASICALLY THE SAME for the other levels. 

JUMPING COURSE WALK AND EVENT TIMETABLE: The track for levels is basically the same so plan to walk the track as soon as convenient for you and become familiar with it; just the heights and combinations will change as we progress down the levels.  Here is the schedule for walking:

TRAINING WALK:  BEFORE 10; RIDE:   10:00-10:30

NOVICE WALK: 10:30-11; RIDE: 11:00-12:00

BN WALK: 12:00-12:30; RIDE: 12:30-2:20

ELEMENTARY WALK: 2:20-2:52; RIDE: 2:52-4:00


  • Please bring your own water; there is NO place to hose your horse off
  • Parking field opens at 6:45; Show office open at 7:00
  • Braiding optional but certainly not necessary
  • Event timetable will be posted under SCHEDULE TAB
  • ALL RIDERS will do dressage, show jumping and cross country in that order; no exceptions
  • Most divisions have cross country scheduled about 20 minutes after the show jumping; you are encouraged to wear your cross country attire to ride your show jumping test, then proceeding directly to the cross country area
  • Please be sensible when parking Sunday morning; volunteer attendants will be there to place you; but remember that there are many people who will need to park in that field throughout the day! thanks....
  • All awards will be unmounted at the conclusion of the divisions under the porch near the corner office.

Ride Times  

2017 Waredaca June Starter 

Revised: 06/09/2017 09:00 PM

Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
Almeida, Arianna Maybelline OBN Sun 10:12 am Sun 01:10 pm Sun 12:50 pm
Almeida, Arianna Rhein Aflame OE Sun 11:22 am Sun 03:22 pm Sun 03:00 pm
April, Megan Hard to Prove OE Sun 11:58 am Sun 03:46 pm Sun 03:24 pm
Bachman, Kristin Franky NH Sun 08:12 am Sun 11:46 am Sun 11:26 am
Bachman, Kristin Laily BNH Sun 10:28 am Sun 01:58 pm Sun 01:38 pm
Bayley, Brooke  Normandy Soldier OT Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:46 am Sun 10:26 am
Beaumont, Chiantel Days Buenos OT Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:24 am Sun 10:04 am
Beaumont, Isabella Cherokee Jade NH Sun 08:42 am Sun 11:36 am Sun 11:16 am
Biddle, Jane Requiem in Color BNJR-A Sun 11:06 am Sun 02:10 pm Sun 01:50 pm
Brown, Samantha Rainy ER Sun 12:48 pm Sun 03:32 pm Sun 03:10 pm
Bryant, Ana-Elisa Coupe de Ville OBN Sun 10:30 am Sun 01:08 pm Sun 12:48 pm
Calaman, Megan Lady Zipster BNH Sun 11:10 am Sun 02:02 pm Sun 01:42 pm
Choquette, Steve Bentley E-CT Sun 01:30 pm   Sun 04:02 pm
Cornue, Suzannah Mr. Sandman BNH Sun 10:46 am Sun 01:22 pm Sun 01:02 pm
Cotton Barr, Michelle Black Pearl OE Sun 11:34 am Sun 03:18 pm Sun 02:56 pm
Covert, Kristine  Jeb Stuart OBN Sun 10:24 am Sun 01:06 pm Sun 12:46 pm
Cramer, Ilana Rock Harbor E-CT Sun 01:24 pm   Sun 04:00 pm
Cunningham, Kaylyn  Flirtatious NJR Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:54 am Sun 11:34 am
Curtiss, Molly  Mary Read NH Sun 08:30 am Sun 11:32 am Sun 11:12 am
Davis, Mary Hogan NR Sun 09:48 am Sun 11:56 am Sun 11:36 am
DeFazio, Alyssa Chase What Matters ER Sun 12:24 pm Sun 03:20 pm Sun 02:58 pm
Deiboldt, Riley Narcos EJR Sun 01:06 pm Sun 04:06 pm Sun 03:44 pm
Denard, Camille Austin BNJR-B Sun 12:30 pm Sun 02:24 pm Sun 02:04 pm
Deutsch, Malin Takoda Dreamer EJR Sun 01:42 pm Sun 04:18 pm Sun 03:56 pm
Dillard, Jackson Layla Q BNJR-B Sun 11:34 am Sun 02:26 pm Sun 02:06 pm
Diller, Laura Exception to the Rule T-CT Sun 08:06 am   Sun 10:28 am
Eddy, Brianna Snickers D Sun 01:42 pm    
Edelen, Caroline Second Chance BNJR-A Sun 10:48 am Sun 01:20 pm Sun 01:00 pm
Edelen, Caroline Rain King BNJR-B Sun 11:28 am Sun 02:38 pm Sun 02:18 pm
Feaga, Christina  In the Mick of Time OT Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:34 am Sun 10:14 am
Foreman, Erin Dragonette NR Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:00 pm Sun 11:40 am
Fowler, Lawrence  My City's Pride BNJR-B Sun 12:24 pm Sun 02:32 pm Sun 02:12 pm
Fuog, Jenny Victory Money BNR Sun 10:28 am Sun 01:30 pm Sun 01:10 pm
Garrett, Landry Serrano Del Sol OT Sun 08:54 am Sun 10:38 am Sun 10:18 am
Gehris, Suzy Watch Me OE Sun 12:54 pm Sun 03:56 pm Sun 03:34 pm
Gibert, Malia Wave Acide aka Gracie EJR Sun 01:00 pm Sun 04:04 pm Sun 03:42 pm
Golus, Emma Pajama Party BNJR-A Sun 11:18 am Sun 02:14 pm Sun 01:54 pm
Grafchikova, Anna Amiga ER Sun 12:30 pm Sun 03:24 pm Sun 03:02 pm
Grant, Rebecca Frankly True ER Sun 01:00 pm Sun 03:40 pm Sun 03:18 pm
Gray, Molly Jessy BNJR-B Sun 11:46 am Sun 02:30 pm Sun 02:10 pm
Guillaudeu, Sabrina One El of an Angel NR Sun 09:42 am Sun 11:52 am Sun 11:32 am
Hafer, Lindsay Sawyer NH Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:26 am Sun 11:06 am
Hafer, Lindsay Reflecktions OE Sun 12:24 pm Sun 03:16 pm Sun 02:54 pm
Hamilton, Grace Cooper's town BNJR-A Sun 11:36 am Sun 02:18 pm Sun 01:58 pm
Hamilton Ingwell, Lauren  terrapin station NR Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:06 pm Sun 11:46 am
Helene Capone, Tricia Untouchable OBN Sun 09:30 am Sun 12:50 pm Sun 12:30 pm
Hershbine, Brynn Laura Cadenza Aria NJR Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:58 am Sun 11:38 am
Hicks, Lindsay Otis II ER Sun 01:18 pm Sun 03:58 pm Sun 03:36 pm
Jaekel, Daniele Barlovento Shokolah (Barlo) ER Sun 12:42 pm Sun 03:28 pm Sun 03:06 pm
Jalili, Parand Romeo OE Sun 11:40 am Sun 03:30 pm Sun 03:08 pm
Jansen, Maddy thunder cap BNJR-A Sun 11:30 am Sun 02:22 pm Sun 02:02 pm
Kelly, Eliza Honest Endeavor BNJR-B Sun 12:36 pm Sun 02:34 pm Sun 02:14 pm
Koleno, Karli Jane Elloquence OBN Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:52 pm Sun 12:32 pm
Kottra, Katrina Queen of Spades BNJR-A Sun 10:42 am Sun 01:14 pm Sun 12:54 pm
Kriegel Trier, Ashley Victorious NH Sun 08:48 am Sun 11:38 am Sun 11:18 am
Larson, Gaia Phoenix OBN Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:56 pm Sun 12:36 pm
Lawson, Anna My Amelia NJR Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:12 pm Sun 11:52 am
Letteney, Cathy Baku OE Sun 11:46 am Sun 03:34 pm Sun 03:12 pm
Lewis, Samantha Wild Blue Yonder EJR Sun 01:12 pm Sun 04:08 pm Sun 03:46 pm
Lindquist, Anastasia Xenia ER Sun 01:12 pm Sun 03:48 pm Sun 03:26 pm
Linz, Holly Plain Dealings Freja D Sun 01:36 pm    
Lively, Maggie Greek Afair BNR Sun 10:58 am Sun 01:56 pm Sun 01:36 pm
Loewenstein, Stella Sweetie EJR Sun 01:24 pm Sun 04:12 pm Sun 03:50 pm
Lyman, Lindsey Future Article OBN Sun 10:00 am Sun 01:00 pm Sun 12:40 pm
Magliaro, Victoria Najeeb TMD OBN Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:54 pm Sun 12:34 pm
Martinez, Matthew Ameri Webber OT Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:20 am Sun 10:00 am
Martinez, Matthew Call Me Chuck NH Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:42 am Sun 11:22 am
McDaniel, Kathryn EF Fiona's Prince K BNH Sun 11:22 am Sun 01:28 pm Sun 01:08 pm
McGrain, Morgan Mad Hatter BNJR-B Sun 11:40 am Sun 02:28 pm Sun 02:08 pm
McGuirk, Emmy Dance with Sandy OT Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:30 am Sun 10:10 am
McKinney, Brynne Blame it on Blaze EJR Sun 01:36 pm Sun 04:16 pm Sun 03:54 pm
McRoy, Carol Left to Perform NH Sun 08:24 am Sun 11:30 am Sun 11:10 am
Morales, Sophia Kahlua BNJR-A Sun 11:48 am Sun 02:20 pm Sun 02:00 pm
Morris, Sabrina Smash and Grab NH Sun 08:18 am Sun 11:28 am Sun 11:08 am
Morris, Sabrina  Slim N Trim OBN Sun 10:36 am Sun 01:12 pm Sun 12:52 pm
Moss, Sydney Dance For Megan NJR Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:02 pm Sun 11:42 am
Musser, Miranda Scarborough Fair OE Sun 12:36 pm Sun 03:52 pm Sun 03:30 pm
Novotny, Katie Cosmic Messenger OT Sun 09:18 am Sun 10:44 am Sun 10:24 am
Ogburn, Elissa Land Run  NH Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:40 am Sun 11:20 am
Parker, Elizabeth Trey Bear BNR Sun 10:22 am Sun 01:26 pm Sun 01:06 pm
Parris, Kristen Lord Ivanhoe OT Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:22 am Sun 10:02 am
Parris, Kristen Revelation BNH Sun 11:58 am Sun 01:24 pm Sun 01:04 pm
Parry, Taryn Chocolate ER Sun 12:36 pm Sun 03:26 pm Sun 03:04 pm
Peralta, Stephanie Marie Rockfish Willie OE Sun 12:42 pm Sun 03:54 pm Sun 03:32 pm
Perez, Julia Shannon BNJR-B Sun 12:42 pm Sun 02:36 pm Sun 02:16 pm
Perez-Mojica, Tatiana Duncan C's Waterford NR Sun 10:12 am Sun 11:22 am Sun 11:02 am
Redman, Ashley PL Irish Pearl BNJR-A Sun 11:24 am Sun 02:16 pm Sun 01:56 pm
Reed, Michelle Say It With Me NR Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:20 am Sun 11:00 am
Riccio, Ethan Aspen OT Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:28 am Sun 10:08 am
Rizkowski, Dana Cherokee BNH Sun 11:04 am Sun 01:50 pm Sun 01:30 pm
Rutledge, Cassie Connect the Dots NJR Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:48 am Sun 11:28 am
Rutledge, Ciana Day Break BNJR-A Sun 11:12 am Sun 02:12 pm Sun 01:52 pm
Rutledge, Colleen Astute BNH Sun 10:34 am Sun 01:54 pm Sun 01:34 pm
Rutledge, Colleen Grand Coulee OE Sun 11:28 am Sun 03:14 pm Sun 02:52 pm
Saah, Michelle Jump Jive and Wail BNH Sun 10:40 am Sun 01:16 pm Sun 12:56 pm
Saah, Michelle Jupiter BN-CT Sun 11:54 am   Sun 02:20 pm
Sandberg, Tess Colonial Jones NJR Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:14 pm Sun 11:54 am
Schmitt, Kaitlyn Backlash BNR Sun 11:10 am Sun 02:04 pm Sun 01:44 pm
Schwartz, Lara Winter is Coming BNR Sun 10:40 am Sun 01:44 pm Sun 01:24 pm
Sendak, Courtney Maryland Amore OBN Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:58 pm Sun 12:38 pm
Shannon, Alexandra Mylena BNR Sun 10:34 am Sun 01:36 pm Sun 01:16 pm
Shegogue, Tara Ridin' Shotgun NR Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:50 am Sun 11:30 am
Shiloh, Emily Daisy BNR Sun 10:16 am Sun 01:18 pm Sun 12:58 pm
Shipe, Ali Muffin BNJR-A Sun 11:42 am Sun 01:40 pm Sun 01:20 pm
Shirley, Sally Copelan's Prayer OT Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:36 am Sun 10:16 am
Siegmund, Heidi Ducati GT Z BNH Sun 10:58 am Sun 01:42 pm Sun 01:22 pm
Slimak, Kaitlin Deep in de Nile NH Sun 08:36 am Sun 11:34 am Sun 11:14 am
Stilley, Samantha  The Duke of Hazard  BNR Sun 10:52 am Sun 01:52 pm Sun 01:32 pm
Stout, Ashley Deo Volente NJR Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:04 pm Sun 11:44 am
Syski, Mary Waredaca's Spot ER Sun 01:06 pm Sun 03:44 pm Sun 03:22 pm
Taylor, Carley Apollo EJR Sun 01:30 pm Sun 04:14 pm Sun 03:52 pm
Temme, Stephanie Beau D Sun 01:48 pm    
Tennyson, April Lynn Maid of Duhallow OE Sun 12:30 pm Sun 03:50 pm Sun 03:28 pm
Thumma, Danielle Relatively Ryker OT Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:32 am Sun 10:12 am
Vilmer, Aurelie Chakra OT Sun 09:00 am Sun 10:40 am Sun 10:20 am
Walton, Sarah The Huntsman BNJR-A Sun 10:54 am Sun 01:38 pm Sun 01:18 pm
Warro, Michelle Ayrton Senna OT Sun 09:06 am Sun 10:26 am Sun 10:06 am
Warro, Michelle Madam's Hero BNH Sun 11:52 am Sun 01:46 pm Sun 01:26 pm
Warro, Michelle The Maze Runner OE Sun 11:52 am Sun 03:42 pm Sun 03:20 pm
Welch, Christina We Will BNR Sun 11:04 am Sun 02:00 pm Sun 01:40 pm
Welgoss, Sara Zigby EJR Sun 12:54 pm Sun 04:02 pm Sun 03:40 pm
Whitehead, Amanda Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ER Sun 12:54 pm Sun 03:36 pm Sun 03:14 pm
Wilson, Laura Alyanna NJR Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:08 pm Sun 11:48 am
Wilson, Lisa Double Vision OE Sun 12:48 pm Sun 03:38 pm Sun 03:16 pm
Wimmer, Becca Sheza Fancy Beauty EJR Sun 12:48 pm Sun 04:00 pm Sun 03:38 pm
Wise, Nancy Diamond Lad NR Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:24 am Sun 11:04 am
Wojcik, Kimberly Toulouse BNR Sun 11:16 am Sun 01:34 pm Sun 01:14 pm
Wolf, Judi Etch A Sketch EJR Sun 01:18 pm Sun 04:10 pm Sun 03:48 pm
Wolfkill, Kara Wild Blue Savannah EJR Sun 01:48 pm Sun 04:20 pm Sun 03:58 pm
Wood, Leigh Dollar Mountain OBN Sun 10:06 am Sun 01:02 pm Sun 12:42 pm
Yursis, Daretta Street Art NH Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:44 am Sun 11:24 am
Zabroske, Lydia Stella Artois OT Sun 09:12 am Sun 10:42 am Sun 10:22 am
Zaccari, Alyssa Proud Mary BNJR-A Sun 11:00 am Sun 02:08 pm Sun 01:48 pm
Zrimsek, Diane Coronado Charlie NR Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:10 pm Sun 11:50 am

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