Family owned and operated since 1932 on 220 Acres
in northeastern Montgomery County, Maryland

 Waredaca Business Office open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

How Can We Help You?

Lessons Gayle:  waredacalessons@gmail.com Call: 443 564 1276
Boarding Robert:  boarding@waredaca.com
Recognized Competitions Gretchen:  eventing@waredaca.com
Schooling Shows Steph:  schoolingshows@waredaca.com 
Starter Events Sarah:  starter@waredaca.com
Office Staff:  office@waredaca.com
Pony Club Katherine:  korizzo@smcm.edu
Horse Trial and Classic 3 Day Event Volunteers Liz:  volunteers@waredaca.com
Horse Trial Event Sponsors  Helen:  waredacasponsor@gmail.com
Official Media Coordinator   Carly:  waredacatalk@gmail.com
Expert Days Gretchen:  gretchen@waredaca.com

4015 Damascus Road • Laytonsville, MD 20882  |  Call 301-570-4191-office  |  FAX  301-570-0287  |  General Email request:  info@waredaca.com 

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People are Talking...

Gretchen, As you heard, Smash was a big, hot mess on Saturday when we ran into the hunt group coming onto Waredaca. Not only did that get Smash all atither, but the few deer we saw just added to the pot.I want to let you know that I really appreciated the help Gail gave me with Smash after we got back. I took Smash into the indoor ring hoping that would help her calm down (with no external distractions), got on with Gail’s help, but Smash was still being, well, herself. Gail helped me dismount and offered to lounge Smash, which she did for quite awhile. She was able to get Smash calmed down enough that we were able to get Smash back to the corss-ties, get her untacked, and back into the field. If it had not been for Gail’s assistance, I don’t know what I would have done. I would probably still be there trying to calm down Smash. However, with Gail’s offer to help me, we were able to deal with Smash and get her back with her friends. --Liz