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2017 Fall Boarder Quarterly

Hi everyone!

Summer IS DEFINITELY FADING AWAY! Despite the season, the farm is often a busy place!

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About Boarding at Waredaca


Waredaca offers a comprehensive array of boarding facilities, programs and services for your horse. The farm is a 220-acre recreational and horseback riding facility. Included on our property are five cross-country jumping courses, one 80 x 200 indoor arena, two all weather outdoor-enclosed riding arenas, schooling fences and many other amenities. Adjacent to us is the Patuxent State Park land, maintained in its natural ecological condition. Easy access to thousands of acres exists for hours of pleasure riding directly from the farm.

While primarily an 'eventing' barn, we are not an exclusive eventing stable by choice, and welcome the diversity of students and boarders who make up our Waredaca community.

Our facility is simply your BEST CHOICE in the area. All of the horses are cared for by a qualified and conscientious staff with many years of involvement in the horse industry. Our current boarding rates for field and stall board are listed below.  If you are seriously considering boarding here, call to schedule a visit. If you are looking for a friendly yet professional atmosphere offering expert, attentive care for you and your horse, you will find it here!

Approximately 80 horses live at Waredaca. Mares and geldings live in separate fields. Robert and Gretchen live at Waredaca, which allows for careful supervision of all our animals and activities. Your dogs are welcome at Waredaca if they are well behaved and closely supervised by you at all times.

We have two major barns where boarders are stabled. 

  1. In our Red Barn, located off our main entrance drive, we have twenty permanent stalls for boarders.  Stall lockers, grooming and medicating areas and a wash stall are here as well. 
  2. Our White Barn, located at our East Entrance off of Howard Chapel Road, has additional permanent stalls and 26 permanent "temporary" stalls for our guests attending special events hosted at Waredaca.  Horses at Waredaca for Training Board with Steph Kohr are generally stabled here. 

A Field Boarders Grooming and Storage area for these clients offers lockers, grooming and wash areas.  Storage of trucks and trailers is offered as well.

Primary services available to prospective boarders are the option of either training, stall or field board. Fees includes hay and grain as needed, minor first aid, and the administration of routine medications (owners remain responsible for all medication costs). Horses on long term medication for chronic health problems will be treated once daily at no charge.


Waredaca Boarding & Services Rates
(rev March 2016


Stall: $660/month includes daily turnout, feeding twice daily

Field: $425/month


Additional Options:

Also available are training, exercising and grooming services as well as medical treatments.

Training Board:

Full Training and Board Package: available upon request; custom packages offered too.

People are Talking...

Gretchen, As you heard, Smash was a big, hot mess on Saturday when we ran into the hunt group coming onto Waredaca. Not only did that get Smash all atither, but the few deer we saw just added to the pot.I want to let you know that I really appreciated the help Gail gave me with Smash after we got back. I took Smash into the indoor ring hoping that would help her calm down (with no external distractions), got on with Gail’s help, but Smash was still being, well, herself. Gail helped me dismount and offered to lounge Smash, which she did for quite awhile. She was able to get Smash calmed down enough that we were able to get Smash back to the corss-ties, get her untacked, and back into the field. If it had not been for Gail’s assistance, I don’t know what I would have done. I would probably still be there trying to calm down Smash. However, with Gail’s offer to help me, we were able to deal with Smash and get her back with her friends. --Liz

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