• Farm Stewardship is a Waredaca priority
  • Waredaca proudly feeds Purina.
  • Focus and determination in the show-jumping phase.
  • A steeplechase fence - well done!
  • Eventing at Waredaca offers many options from our Recognized and Schooling Horse Trials to our Novice and Training 3-Day, FEH/YEH and Cross Country Schooling.
  • Jump crew is a great volunteer job, sign up now!
  • Everybody likes activities at Waredaca!
  • Sponsors enjoy great exposure for their businesses at Waredaca events.
  • One of the performance areas overlooking the bank barn.
  • Boarders enjoying the beautiful fall view at Waredaca.

Loved the Course!

I wanted to thank you for accommodating my request for dressage time change - the extra time it allowed before stadium/xc  made a difference in my state of mind knowing that I some extra time.  Having been in your place scheduling I know it's a huge juggling act getting & keeping it all together.  I'd also like to let you know that I LOVED the Elementary xc course - the fact that it was an actual course, long enough to feel like you were going somewhere - but not too long.  Some of the jumps were bigger and more substantial than I expected at this level (perhaps because it's end of year?)  but we made it all the way around clear and it ended up being a great confidence booster!     ~Shirlyndo!