We Will Be Back!

Dear Gretchen,  I am the owner of En Vogue ridden by Marty Morani.  First let me say this is MY first event, I am a hunter rider for over 50 years, and have decided to do something different. Your facility is so lovely, and the amount of volunteers it takes to run an event in mind boggling!  We had a fabulous day, the parking was not too bad, and the boys were so cute. Having never attended an event, I found that everything ran so smoothly and the volunteers so friendly. It was such a very pleasant atmosphere.

Just a little back story on my horse – she is a TPR – she was broken in September , turned 4 in January, has attended 2 hunter paces, one horse show, and now your event, winning the Novice Horse division, with one of, if not the highest, dressage score of the day.  She is an amazing animal and a true testament to the replacement of these TB’s.

En Vogue’s (a/k/a Josie), Marty and I would like to thank you – we will be back!!