Offering FEH 4 for June

New in 2017, the FEH program will offer a 4-year-old class in which the horses show their gaits under saddle at qualifier events, and compete in a free-jump division at Championships.   


Four-year-old horses will be evaluated under saddle at the walk, trot and canter in both directions. Horses will be asked to show their gaits and rideability.


• English type saddle and sna e bridle as for dressage, in USEA Levels BN—Prelim. See the USEF Rules For Eventing for permitted sna es and nosebands. No martingales or side reins are allowed.
• Boots and bandages are prohibited.
• Ear bonnets are permitted.

• Rider must wear an approved helmet, boots, and dress per the One Day Horse Trials guidelines in the USEF Rules for Eventing. (i.e. jackets will not be required).

• Riders would also be allowed to use one dressage whip and/or spurs; their speci cations per the current USEF Rules for Eventing.

Class Standards

• Each rider will only be permitted to ride one horse in this class at an event. An owner may own more than one horse in the class, but there MUST be di erent riders for each horse.

• 4-year-old horses may choose to compete in quali ers for the FEH 4-year-olds, and in the YEH 4-year-olds the same year, but they may only compete in EITHER the FEH 4-year-old, OR the YEH 4-year-old quali ers at any one competition—NOT BOTH. At the end of the season, if they have quali ed for both sets of Championships, the owner must choose which ONE they will compete in; they may not do both FEH and YEH.

• Mares may not compete during pregnancy. Mares may not compete until 6 months a er having a foal. • e arena for these classes must be enclosed in such a way that a loose horse would be contained.

• Unauthorized assistance by individuals outside of the arena is not permitted. If done, the horse is subject to elimination at the discretion of the judge.

• The horse will be evaluated in small groups; the size of group will depend on the size of arena provided. e classes will have no more than 6 horses competing at one time.

• The judge will direct the riders as to gait and direction. Lengthenings in either the trot or the canter will NOT be required.

• Classes may be split by gender, or combined if the numbers are small. Stallions will NOT be mixed in a class with mares.

• Horses may be asked to canter individually or in a small group.

• In addition to the under saddle section, all horses will be unsaddled for the judging of conformation.


• At qualifers, the winner will be the horse with the highest average of the under saddle score and conformation score. If there is a tie, it will be broken by the score for “Type”. If there is still a tie, the judge will choose a winner.

• A qualifying score of 72% or higher will make a horse eligible for the FEH 4-year-old Regional Championships. • At Championships, when 2 or more judges are o ciating, they are to use the same score sheets for the under

saddle section and agree on each score before informing the scribe. No comments are made on the under saddle scoresheets, only points awarded. For the conformation section and the jumping section, there should be two judges each using a separate score sheet. ese scores will be averaged for the nal results. Ties will be broken using and average of the two scores for “Jumping”. If there is still a tie, the judges will choose a winner.