Landsafe May Clinic--one of a kind opportunity at Waredaca (with Sign Up Info)

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Fall safety is an incredibly important element to any riders education - literally enabling lives to be saved.  However, it has not been a regular part of our sport's dialogue and therefore is a new concept to many of our athletes of any age and background.  Now, thanks to Keli and Danny Warrington’s LANDSAFE program, the answer has arrived.  Save the DATES of May 13, and 14!


Their program is literally one-of-a-kind and is currently the only opportunity to practice fall techniques in a real-life environment without endangering our equine partners.  This training is taught directly by Keli and Danny, who have decades worth of experience, research, and training in fall safety.  During this session, each participant is provided with 8 hours of direct training and ample time on the simulator - so that they can walk away from the training and immediately apply their learnings.

Moreover, each participant realizes immediate results!  In fact, one LandSafe participant from a few weeks ago had a fall at Rocking Horse the weekend right after her session.  She applied her training, executed a proper roll, and the cameraman commented that he had never seen a better roll out of a fall. 

From Keli……’In our experience, working closely with parents and providing a strong recommendation/expectation from a trainer's perspective is the key.  Riders are focused on staying healthy so they can ride - parents and trainers are focused on ensuring the riders are safe.

Our curriculum relies on one-on-one interaction as well as group learning. Riders will be placed in the two groups of 10 prior to the clinic weekend. Throughout the two days, every rider receives ample time focusing on tumbling and on the simulator.  

Two sessions take place each day-

8-12pm and 1-5pm

Day #1 focus on the gymnastics mats(a little over 2 hours) and then move on to the simulator for the rest of the session.

Day #2 review of skills learned on the mats on day #1 but move on to the simulator much faster then on the previous day to allow more time there.



Here are 2 video clips, that offer a snapshot of the weekend….

Student full session-

LandSafe commercial-


These clips do not completely show exactly how the riders up on the simulator have the gym mats on top of the air bags so to lessen the depth of the initial falls from the simulator directly onto the airbag. Once the rider feels confident and understands the muscle memory involved the mats are gradually removed to have a direct fall onto the airbags like shown in the video. Everyone will obviously progress at a different pace and the program is based on building confidence to become knowledgeable in a real fall situation.’


Landsafe, in an effort to promote the clear value and benefit of this experience, has offered us a discounted fee of $325 for the weekend, instead of the $400 typically charged.  A sincere THANKS to Keli and Danny for that gesture!