3-2-1 GO! End Breast Cancer

BC Waredcaca LOGO FINALEvery year in the United States, close to 260,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a disease that does not discriminate; it affects women of all ages and races. It does not care about its victim’s socioeconomic status.

Recognizing the impact this disease has had on our sport and in our own lives, Waredaca is excited to launch 3-2-1 GO! End Breast Cancer, our fundraising effort to support the Johns Hopkins Breast Center in Baltimore, MD. While we are happy to accept donations all year, our fundraiser will take place October 20-23, 2016 during the Training/Novice Classic Three Day Event and Horse Trial to honor breast cancer awareness month.

Waredaca is teaming with Johns Hopkins Breast Center to raise money that will directly support creation of the Breast Cancer Quality of Care/Quality of Life Measurement Database Fund. In the past, there was one goal for conducting treatment ─ to save the life of the patient. Today, the Center’s mission is to ensure that they are not only saving the patient, but also providing the best quality of life during and after treatment. This also includes end stage patients who will succumb to this disease who equally deserve the best quality of life until the very end. Without the ability to accurately measure the patient’s experience and the Center’s own performance, it can be difficult to improve care and make sure the patient’s goals are respected and preserved. It is the Center’s goal to overcome this through the Breast Cancer Quality of Care/Quality of Life Measurement Database Fund. Essential funding is needed to enable this project to be successful.

Details about our fundraiser will be announced as soon as they’re made available. If you have any questions about our efforts or would like more information about how to help, please email Helen Casteel at waredacasponsor@gmail.com.

About Johns Hopkins Breast Center

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary breast care program, offering a full spectrum of clinical and support services, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and counseling. They provide innovative and integrated care to each patient.

As part of the world renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Breast Center stands at the forefront of breast cancer research and treatment. Their state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled medical professionals are internationally recognized.

The Johns Hopkins Breast Center is located in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center on the medical campus in East Baltimore. Patients who visit the Breast Center have access to advanced tests, therapies, and sub-specialized experts.


Waredaca encourages all donations to Johns Hopkins no matter the size. Please visit the link below and it will take you directly to the Johns Hopkins Medicine donation page. You will need to designate your gift. We are supporting the JH Breast Cancer Quality of Care Measurement Database Fund but please feel free to donate to whichever area you most identify with.