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MarySue Mood Receives Volunteer Award

Volunteer with the most overall hours, MarySue Mood receives a fleece Area II vest, thermos, and chocolate with many thanks from Area II

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Have you signed up for our Waredaca Volunteer Leaderboard?

If not...here is the LINK you need to get started!!


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New Volunteer Updates

2 Waredaca Volunteer Updates:

To earn WAREDACA BUCKS, each volunteer must wear their Waredaca vest while working.  The reason for this is actually quite simple—as a Waredaca Volunteer, you represent our farm as well as providing accessibility to any visitor who may need direction, advice or support.  Wearing the vest is an easy visual ID for anyone to see, and offers instant ‘user friendliness’ that all of our volunteers so capably provide.

For our younger volunteers, those ages 15 and under, you now have a new Volunteer title of WAREDACA AMBASSADOR

…if you are chosen as a Volunteer  and work at least half a day, you will earn:

▪      A special ball cap with your title

▪      A pizza/ride just for you and the other junior volunteers with one of our Waredaca staff…a trailride followed by a pizza ‘party’, scheduled soon after the event weekend

▪      Job opportunities are limited.  If interested, contact Liz.

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Volunteer Assignments Page

Assignments will be posted here as available. Please click on the date for which you have volunteered to find your assignment. Contact lizskips@msn.com with questions.

Thank you for volunteering your time!