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Student Rentals for this Spring

Spring Student rental opportunities are available on Sundays at 2. For riders Intermediate II (with instructor permission) and above, Waredaca offers a one hour practice ride for $40.  Please note, rentals must be reserved in advance by Friday noon. This is not a lesson so riders are not supervised by an instructor.

If you would like more information about student rentals OR to reserve a horse,  please call the office at 443-564-1276 OR 301-570-4191.

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NCEL Winter Finale news

From Celeste...
To MY Fabulous 7 --

    Congratulations you did it, girls!  You managed to hold onto our year end 1st place for the season!!  WOW!  Hats off to you and to your families for all of their support.
     We have all worked hard together and it has payed off.  Each of you contributed to our success which truly makes this a team victory -- the way it should be.  You are all amazing riders and deserve this recognition.  I couldn't be more proud of each of you.
     Thanks for all of your hard work -- so exciting to see it pay off.  
     Take lots of pictures at the banquet with your blue ribbons, trophies, etc., as I will be out of town at a family wedding, so will miss all of the NCEL fun.  I will be there with you in spirit.  Remember that it is at the Laurel Racetrack 5:00 - 8:00 pm, although you are welcome to go to the races beginning at 1:15, Sunday, April 2.
     On another note I will send out an email regarding spring lessons, times, fees, etc.  This coming weekend is the last extended session, separate from the spring session.  Details to come soon.  See you soon.
Enjoy your snow day,

Celeste G. McGee 
Finale info/ Banquet
Dear All,
     As most of you know NCEL has a year end banquet to wrap up our season and present individual and team ribbons. The event will be held at Laurel Racetrack on Sunday, April 2, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  Tickets are $35 per person, and include buffet dinner.  You are welcome to arrive early to attend the races beginning at 1:15, at no additional charge.  All teams are required to give a head count and checks at the finale for whoever is planning to attend.  I will be out of town at a family wedding, so unable to attend, but hope that our entire team will be represented.  Please plan to let me know either Friday or Saturday about your family's attendance with an accompanying check payable to NCEL.  Thanks for your help in advance coordinating this.
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Student & Visitor Guidelines/Business office number: 301 570 4191

www.waredaca.com; check under Lesson section for news and updates


PARENTS AND CHILDREN: Children must have a ‘responsible’ adult with them during their lesson; if not the parent then a designated person assuming that responsibility in the absence of the parent. If a child becomes ill or is injured it is vital that the instructor know who is responsible for the child. Parents are encouraged to observe; however, are discouraged from being in the barn or assisting with any mounting or other skills procedures.

IF YOU ARRIVE LATE for a scheduled lesson, instructors may ask tardy students to observe rather than interrupt a class in progress.  Any class disruption must be minimized.  

MAKE-UP POLICY: It is our policy to allow one make-up lesson per session. There is no carryover between sessions. There will be no make up lesson other than that planned and scheduled by Waredaca. PLEASE note any calendar dates when lessons are not scheduled, which are stated on the seasonal lesson Schedule of Classes.

REFUNDS are at the discretion of Waredaca. No money will be refunded upon withdrawal after the second lesson. There is a $25 fee charged for any returned checks.

REQUIRED RIDING EQUIPMENT includes close fitting long pants or riding breeches, safety helmet with harness (Waredaca does provide for those students who do not own their own helmet), and boots or leather shoes with a flat sole, closed toe and small heel. Canvas shoes are generally unacceptable unless specifically designed as a riding sneaker. Our insurance policy will not permit students to ride without proper footgear! During cold weather months, please wear warm, flexible gloves and warm socks, especially if wearing rubber boots.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: If the weather is inclement, or if conditions exist where a mounted lesson is not feasible, an unmounted or ‘stable’ lesson may take place. Both mounted and unmounted skill standards exist for each riding level. Students are expected to gain this knowledge as opportunity permits. Because we stress the importance of safe ground handling of horses, occasionally, a portion of the lesson may be devoted to unmounted work regardless of the weather. We do not cancel lessons just because it may be raining or cold.

STUDENT RENTALS/PRACTICE RIDES for Intermediate 2 and above: check the current lesson schedule for available days and time offered; schedule in advance by calling the office at 301-570-4191

LEASING OR PURCHASING of a horse: Call the office for additional guidance.

LESSONS: General group size is 4-7 riders.  If the group size is two for any lesson, the instructor may choose to shorten the lesson period to 45 minutes; if there is only student, the instructor may choose to lessen the lesson period to 30 minutes.

STUDENT SAFETY is foremost. No one is to be in the stable area unless accompanied with or having received specific permission from an instructor. Siblings, friends and others are not to be in the stable area or tack room at any time.  Please avoid making loud noises or sudden movements around the horses.


  • All children, both students and visitors, are to be supervised by a parent or responsible adult at all times. Much of our land is for grazing horses; you may watch them from afar.
  • DO NOT mingle in a herd of loose horses. Please do no feed the horses. You may hike across the fields keeping a safe, watchful distance from the horses.
  • Running and excessive noise is not safe around horses.
  • There are many dogs that live at Waredaca. If you bring your own dog, please keep it leashed at all times.
  • DRIVE cautiously in and out of the driveways...many people and animals are at risk.
  • THANKS for your cooperation assisting us in keeping Waredaca a safe and welcome place!