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Student Rentals for this Spring

Spring Student rental opportunities are available on Sundays at 2. For riders Intermediate II (with instructor permission) and above, Waredaca offers a one hour practice ride for $40.  Please note, rentals must be reserved in advance by Friday noon. This is not a lesson so riders are not supervised by an instructor.

If you would like more information about student rentals OR to reserve a horse,  please call the office at 443-564-1276 OR 301-570-4191.

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NCEL Winter Finale news

From Celeste...
To MY Fabulous 7 --

    Congratulations you did it, girls!  You managed to hold onto our year end 1st place for the season!!  WOW!  Hats off to you and to your families for all of their support.
     We have all worked hard together and it has payed off.  Each of you contributed to our success which truly makes this a team victory -- the way it should be.  You are all amazing riders and deserve this recognition.  I couldn't be more proud of each of you.
     Thanks for all of your hard work -- so exciting to see it pay off.  
     Take lots of pictures at the banquet with your blue ribbons, trophies, etc., as I will be out of town at a family wedding, so will miss all of the NCEL fun.  I will be there with you in spirit.  Remember that it is at the Laurel Racetrack 5:00 - 8:00 pm, although you are welcome to go to the races beginning at 1:15, Sunday, April 2.
     On another note I will send out an email regarding spring lessons, times, fees, etc.  This coming weekend is the last extended session, separate from the spring session.  Details to come soon.  See you soon.
Enjoy your snow day,

Celeste G. McGee 
Finale info/ Banquet
Dear All,
     As most of you know NCEL has a year end banquet to wrap up our season and present individual and team ribbons. The event will be held at Laurel Racetrack on Sunday, April 2, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  Tickets are $35 per person, and include buffet dinner.  You are welcome to arrive early to attend the races beginning at 1:15, at no additional charge.  All teams are required to give a head count and checks at the finale for whoever is planning to attend.  I will be out of town at a family wedding, so unable to attend, but hope that our entire team will be represented.  Please plan to let me know either Friday or Saturday about your family's attendance with an accompanying check payable to NCEL.  Thanks for your help in advance coordinating this.
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For Kids

  • My child wants to take riding lessons. Are there classes just for kids?

    Our children’s lessons blend fun, safety, challenge and accomplishment for the younger riders. With the right setting and instructor, their proficiency and knowledge will grow, as does their love of riding! We like to combine skills learning with riding in the open, through our fields and around the lake. Our students get OUT of the RING!! Kids like this too, which is only one of the many reasons why the Waredaca Children’s Lessons are so popular! Plus, after learning the basic fundamentals, if there is a competitive desire, that too can be fulfilled with our NCEL program, Pony Club Center and our student horse shows. You will never outgrow the opportunities at Waredaca!
  • What about my child who is 5 but too young to take lessons?

    For our youngest students, Pony Kids provides a delightful way of promoting love of horses with the opportunity to learn. While developing balance, children also gain a greater appreciation of their natural environment through carefully supervised mounted riding across our lovely fields. In addition to gaining confidence while riding, they also learn basic horsemanship skills. Ask your child if he or she can name five different horse colors, parts of the saddle or parts of the horse after just a few lessons! The education and unbridled joy is non-stop!In inclement weather, the lessons generally occur in our indoor arena. Monthly series fee of $60/per lesson; call the office for details and to schedule: 301-570-4191
  • What else can my child do that involves horses and having fun?

    Summer Camp at Waredaca (part of the Bar T Summer Camp Network) OR have a birthday party here at the farm OR if involved in a church or scout group, consider an escorted trail ride through our fields and around the lake OR Pony Club, if looking for a more competitive experience. Just a few to mention! Read More
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For Adults

  • Are there classes just for adults?

    Our ‘Adult’ group lesson classes are for students 16 years of age and older. Select from group, semi private or private instruction based on your preferences and availability. Weekday mornings and afternoons are popular times for Moms while their kids are in school. For the ‘9-5er’ we always offer lessons in the evenings or on weekends. Adults look forward to riding at Waredaca for many reasons. Some started as children and wish to resume after a lapse of time, some are current riders who desire to gain more self assurance and control, and some have never ridden before at all! The common thread is a secure and enjoyable experience with a horse! We also look at it as relaxed recreation with our professional standards!
  • I want to take riding lessons but am not sure I will like it. Do I have to pay for an entire series to try it out?

    No! You have choices! One suggestion would be to take a one-on-one private lesson. Or consider one of our MINI STARTER PACKAGES (link) designed with beginning students in mind. Offered monthly, classes are tailored for the beginning rider to see if you really like to ride horses! A series of three lessons in the package is enough of a start for you to determine how strong your interest is, plus enjoy some great weather as you ride in our arenas and across our fields! And affordable at only $99 for the mini package! A perfect way to get started with horses! Call the office or email Lessons@waredaca.com for details and dates!
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Beyond Lessons

  • Are there competitions I can ride in?

    Yes, there are several seasonal options for those who want to compete, right here at the farm. Student Shows occur in the spring and fall. Our Wednesday Summer Schooling Evenings (link) also offer a chance to practice skills in a ‘competitive’ atmosphere. The focus of both is on a relaxed experience, minimizing ‘pressure’ and maximizing ‘fun’. Waredaca even offers competitive programs for those serious school-age students who wish that type of experience, such as NCEL (link) or our Pony Club Riding Center (link). USEF sanctioned Eventing competitions(link) occur three times a year as well as semi annual Unrecognized or ‘Starter’ events (link) for less experienced horses and riders.
  • Do you offer opportunities to practice if you do not own your own horse?

    Yes, student ‘Practice Ride’ opportunities are available for Intermediate II riders (with instructor permission) and above. The fee for the one-hour practice ride for $35, and are generally offered on Sunday mornings during spring and fall and a weekday evening during the summer. This is a rental not a lesson so riders, while riding close by, are not directly supervised by an instructor. Please note, rentals must be reserved in advance BY FRIDAY NOON.
  • Can I lease a horse?

    YES, because your schedule can change, we offer a flexible leasing plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. The basic plan: 2 rides per week = $240/month 3 rides per week = $360/monthCustomized plans also available. EMAIL Gayle at lessons@waredaca.com or call the office 301 570 4191.
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